Minor Safety

At Second Baptist Church we are absolutely committed to providing a safe environment for children, students, leaders, and families. We utilize tools such as policies, background checks, child abuse prevention training, monitoring, supervision, and reporting to safeguard our ministries and protect the precious lives in our care. We believe every minor and every family should find pure love and holy acceptance in our programs. A vital component of creating that atmosphere is maintaining environments that are safe and secure.

And you can help! We believe that more people know and understand our child abuse prevention strategies, the safer we can be in every environment. On this page you will find several tools that will help your entire family know our guidelines and report suspicions or concerns you have concerning child safety. Thank you for helping us protect children, students, families, and leaders at Second Baptist Church!


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Minor Safety Policies
"You Can Tell!" Coloring Book
Child Safety Information Card
Student Safety Information Card
To report a concern or suspicion regarding minor safety, please take a moment to fill out this form below. Please note that we will follow up with every concern reported to us. You do have the option of filling out the form anonymously, however it helps a great deal in gathering information if you leave your name and contact information.

Reporting form

Second Baptist Church complies with Missouri Mandated Reported Law that requires reports be made to the Missouri Child Abuse & Neglect Hotline or Online System for Child Abuse & Neglect Reporting (OSCR) immediately.

Missouri Child Abuse & Neglect Hotline: 800-392-3738