Master Plan - Phase One

Every step of the way, you have joined us in praying the Lord’s will as we began our Master Plan journey. We have honored the Lord with hard work and a transparent spirit.

This landing page exists to give you the latest news and announcements, current prayer needs, and resources regarding this Second Strong project.


A quick message from Pastor John Birchett:
I want to thank each of you in your contributions to a good and faithful work.
The Lord will show us the steps forward in His time.

In the meantime, would you commit to pray to the Lord that He give a greater unity of purpose and cooperation in our congregation? Would you pray for me and our leaders that the Lord would grant favor and wisdom as we seek to navigate the weeks and months ahead? Would you pray that we, as a church family, keep centered on Jesus and His mission?

I love you and pray the Lord’s continued blessings over each of you!


Any due-diligent work up through completion of the construction documents should continue. Bidding on the construction project will not proceed at this time. This step is paused at this time. Any due-diligent work with financial institutions will continue to work toward identifying the most appropriate debt servicing strategy. No trustee action to secure a loan will be taken at this time. Final loan amount will be clarified. following Public Commitment Day.

The potential start date for construction will be delayed from 1st Quarter to 2nd Quarter of 2023.

The Public Commitment Day will be held on February 18, 2023 instead of Fall of 2022.  The Quiet Phase of Raising Gifts and Pledges will continue and we hope to secure the majority of our lead gifts by November 1, 2022.


Public Commitment Day - February 2023

Phase One Financial Strategy Presentation - TBD

frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of the Sow Strong Campaign?

Second Baptist Church is raising capital to fund the execution of our Master Plan.

What does the Master Plan include?

You can see the entire Master Plan in this presentation.

Was the Master Plan approved?

Yes, the church approved the Master Plan by corporate vote.

What is the cost of the Master Plan?

The project is broken into two phases with a total of approximately $20 million. The current approved Phase One is $10 million.

Will the church take on debt to complete this project?

The church approved by corporate vote that the church can access up to $5 million in loans to execute the project. The goal of the church leadership is to raise the necessary funds to execute the project without having to access additional loans. However, for cash flow purposes there could be moments during the project where a revolving line of credit will need to be used.

Is there work that must be done if we do not execute the Master Plan?

Yes, there is approximately $3 million of deferred maintenance that must be done. It can be done within the capital campaign as updates/renovation take place.

Was Phase One of the Master Plan approved?

Yes, the church approved Phase One to begin by a corporate vote.

What areas of the church will be affected by Phase One?

The areas and people of the church who will be affected by Phase One are the preschool ministry, children’s ministry, and Adult Bible Fellowship / small group spaces.

When will Phase One begin?

The church approved the project by a majority vote of 75%. However, the church leadership wants this process to be a unifying process for the church, so we are remaining in a silent fundraising phase in order to meet with members of the congregation to answer questions and allow people who have reservations to fully understand the projects and move forward together. We will bring Phase One before the church again in early 2023 to give adequate time to effectively answer all questions and communicate well.

I’ve heard people use the word “pause”.  What does that mean regarding Phase One which was approved? 

Leadership will continue to meet with lead donors for initial pledges to the Sow Strong Campaign. A public ask will be postponed until early in 2023. Opportunities for small group gatherings and building tours will be provided to effectively answer questions. Logistical due diligence work will continue so we are prepared to move forward when the timing is right. No trustee action will be taken to secure a loan at this time.  Bidding on construction will postpone until early 2023.  

What can I do to help with the execution of the Master Plan? 

We would ask that you pray for God to use this Plan to bring people into his Kingdom and disciple those who walk onto our campus. Pray that God would show you where you can be generous to help with the execution of the Plan. Prayerfully consider what a meaningful three-year pledge could be for your family. Every gift matters and helps. Ask good questions so you can speak intelligently to others about the purpose of the Plan.


Courtesy of Buxton Kubik Dodd