Second Women are like trees planted in the Temple of the Lord ...

They grow strong in the courtyards of our God. When they are old, they will still produce fruit; they will be healthy and fresh. They will say that the Lord is good. He is my Rock, and there is no wrong in Him.

Psalm 92:13-15

Bible  Studies

Dive into God's Word.

Come together and study the Word with other women who are striving to grow in their walk with Jesus, just like you!
New classes begin each September and January.


We were built for community.

Fresh Grounded Faith with Jennifer Rothschild
November 4 & 5

An Evening with Sara Forhetz
August 25

*Call Second Baptist at 417-887-3111 for the best price!


For all experience levels!

Tuesdays & Thursdays at Second Baptist
6:00-7:00PM // $2 per class
Instructors: Stephanie Brown and Candace Iott
Bring a mat or beach towel


Second Women Believe
We love God, are grounded in His Word, and in relationship with Him.

Second Women Belong
Not only do we need a place to belong, but someone belongs with us.

Second Women Are Becoming
We love God by serving and sharing Him with others, and it is becoming. Others are drawn to Him!